Emily Osment!!!!!!

i love emily osment…who doesn’t????

November 9, 2007

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Radio Disney

Credits go to Radio Disney: Thnx 4 the support!


Cute Dogs November 8, 2007

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cute dogs\

The best part is it has Miley Cyrus 2!


Emily Osment with Minnie Mouse(aaaw!!!)

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This is adorable…I can’t stand her dress! The halter is so adorable! lol i want it badly.


Another Link to watch Full Length Episodes!

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Watch tons of episodes including emily osment and hannah montana in it if you click here!


What Up from Quina!

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Hey you guys, what is up? This isn’t REALLY  the official website for emily osment, somebody already took my user=emilyosment.wordpress.com, so yeah!

lol about that…anyway, I really enjoy making these sites and pls…..comment! I spent alot of time after my school hours and during spare time to do this (which i rarely have)

so…..thnx everyone, and I hope y’all have fun here at my blog! Peace! ♀ <<<<tee hee

♫ pls check out mwa other sit:



♪Jonas Brothers♪

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Click here  to see the Jonas Brothers on Hannah Montana!

🙂 hannahmileynewsflash


Mascot Love(2006) Reviews and Info

emily practicing for the tryouts     Mascot Love          (this is my fav episode!!!)

(Lilly practicing for tryouts at Miley’s house)

Review and Summary

Miley and Lily are trying out for cheerleading, but only Lily makes it, while Miley is the Mascot. Meanwhile, Jackson is having trouble fixing the sink.


“Filler episode”
I really love this episode.Lilly and Miley are so cool in this episode.  Rating from cherrygirl17: 7.1=Good!

“Another great installment”
Miley and Lilly go out for Cheerleading!

Rating for lulume26: 10.0 Perfect!

A nice episode which tested the friendship with Miley and Lily a little bit.

AquafireGal’s rating: 9.1=Superb!