Emily Osment!!!!!!

i love emily osment…who doesn’t????

♪Jonas Brothers♪ November 8, 2007

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Click here  to see the Jonas Brothers on Hannah Montana!

🙂 hannahmileynewsflash


8 Responses to “♪Jonas Brothers♪”

  1. harrypotterknowthenews Says:

    omg!!!!I luv the jonas brothers on hannah montana!!!!

    Chelsea Lane *wink* *wink*

    P.S. Good job on ur site!!!

  2. nickey Says:

    In a Hannah Montana episode i saw her wink at him and they were also dating but not any more, but come on hannah/miley it is not hard to miss that wink. I have a crush on a boy at school and we r finally going out, but then i saw nick and herd his voice on and i couldn’t stop thinking NICK NICK NICK.I listend to his songs over and over again.
    It took me forever to get this guy (MY BF)to like me and now i am inlove with nick.His brothers Joe and Kevin are totaly not cute, its nick’s hair and eyes and smile and GOD HIS VOICE.In the hannah montana episode is the way he sings “we can do anything we want to do, It’s all up to me and you”.his voice is so gentall plus at the end they have a fit and hannah says to her dad you take joe and kevin and NICK IS ALL MINE

  3. katherine Says:

    miley/hannah montana i think that u r the best singer on this earth and i think u have the best personality out of all the singers !!!!!!!!!!i cannot wait until december 2 when i get to see u in concert in oklahoma city!!!!!!!!i am so excited!!!!luvs ya lol ttyl

  4. kittyobessed Says:

    i dont think thats true

  5. miley Says:

    iam the best singer in the world and bettter than katherine or whatever

  6. hanan Says:

    hey guyz i love u so much,and i luv mileyyyyyy but hanna_mountana_meily_cyrus@live.com is the real e-mail os hanna mountana:O???i wanna knowww plzzzzz tell meee!!gooybye and have fun

  7. Steffi Roy Says:

    this is emily’s real msn osment.emily@hotmail.com
    itz true guys she really replyied 2 me n also gave me her fan mail address

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