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Mascot Love(2006) Reviews and Info November 8, 2007

emily practicing for the tryouts     Mascot Love          (this is my fav episode!!!)

(Lilly practicing for tryouts at Miley’s house)

Review and Summary

Miley and Lily are trying out for cheerleading, but only Lily makes it, while Miley is the Mascot. Meanwhile, Jackson is having trouble fixing the sink.


“Filler episode”
I really love this episode.Lilly and Miley are so cool in this episode.  Rating from cherrygirl17: 7.1=Good!

“Another great installment”
Miley and Lilly go out for Cheerleading!

Rating for lulume26: 10.0 Perfect!

A nice episode which tested the friendship with Miley and Lily a little bit.

AquafireGal’s rating: 9.1=Superb!


6 Responses to “Mascot Love(2006) Reviews and Info”

  1. Hayley Says:

    I love watching that episode of Hannah Montana cuz Emily does awesome Backhand springs
    i like watching that episode also cuz i do acro and can do flips like that !!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am in gymnastics, well I used to be. I don’t have much experience cuz I did it for one year. But I love to front handsprings. i’m working on flips, but I just try harder each time. You should too! Be sure to check out the contest Oh the home page.

  3. Lizzie Says:

    heyheyhey, peeps, check out http://www.watchthis12.wordpress.com for my awesome webshow

  4. HomeG in da Hizzie Says:

    OMG acro is wierd, who ever is has a webshow is awesome haha! ok im giving a shoutout– ha! Here goes… Morgan and Kier and Kier and Sara and Audrey and Marisia and Nats and and EVERY1 I love you!! TTYL

  5. HomeG in da Hizzie Says:

    I just remembered — Happybirth Day Alex!!! (my brother) I love you!!!

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