Emily Osment!!!!!!

i love emily osment…who doesn’t????

December 13, 2007

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20 Responses to “”

  1. i LOVE Emily Says:

    Emily rocks i love all her T.V. shows and movies

  2. mariah Says:

    you are the prettiest girl ever you look realy cute in that pink dress. you are my idol

  3. michelle Says:

    hi emily!i am your biggest fan.you’re awsome!bye!

  4. Emily Says:

    I love you Emily!
    You rock!!!!!!

  5. Emily Fan Says:

    Emily is my idol! I am for sure your #1 fan! I look up to her 100%! She is such a great singer and is an amazing actor! Emily, YOU ROCK!

  6. hope Says:

    I love you ! you are cool! i love I don,t think about it!

  7. Miley Cyrus Says:

    Hey Emily!!!
    I remember when you were on Radio Disney two weeks ago. You did an awesome job!

  8. philomina Says:

    i love emily osment she is my idol

  9. Brandi Says:

    Emily Osment is soo GREAT!

  10. rachael theisen Says:

    i luv her can u send me a picture personalized and signed
    i luv u id do anything to see you or miley but i really luv u alot please send me a picture oh please

  11. carlos Says:

    Hello Emily as these
    I like the way you act the best actress I love you I love you I love you

  12. keesa Says:

    cool nice wedsite

  13. Vivian Says:

    OMG Emily is the best ever!!!

  14. Megan** Says:

    Hey Emily,

  15. Megan** Says:

    hey emily
    i just wanted to say that you are an amazing person and an actor and i wish you luck in everything you do
    love megan

  16. Ali Marshall Says:

    hey emily!you are sooo cool. you were great in the movie “The Hanting Hour”.well email me bac. ttyl(talk to you later) ~*Ali*~ ps could you tell miley cyrus i said hiand give her my email.

  17. jasmina Says:

    hey emily whats up ,well i just stoped by to tell you that you rock

  18. THANKS YOU guys for supporting me with comments, it’s great. And thank you, “Keesa” for the compliment. Well I just wanna say I hope you enjoy my website and I’ll TRY to put more interviews and pictures like you guys want me to. And my inbox is FILLED! Every time I check it there’s more so thanks i appreciate that. By the way, be careful what you guys write. Please no bad or rude comments. It would not be really nice, thank you guys SO much. I’ll even post up some games for you guys since you’re being really cool!

  19. M Says:

    you are hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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