Emily Osment!!!!!!

i love emily osment…who doesn’t????

Young Emily Pictures February 5, 2008

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From old episodes


31 Responses to “Young Emily Pictures”

  1. Alyssa Says:

    Wow she was so cute when she was young, Now shes really pretty

  2. sophia Says:

    hey emily you are amazing … ok not that way im a girl i just love your acting

  3. sophia Says:

    are you really talking to me

  4. mckenna Says:

    yeah is it you

  5. hey you guys what up from quina! Okay I just wanted to answer your questions, Um I am not Emily Osment. This user is not Emily Osment, so I’m sorry if you thought that. Well, actually, keep supporting Emily, because you know what? She might be reading this. From all her fans, and that’s the way she would want it. I’d appreciate it if you would please stop putting bad comments because it’s just annoying. I don’t wanna have to put this message in the first place. So thank you all visitors and I hope you like the website!
    Quina forever

  6. karina Says:

    lily you are the best acter
    in hannahmontana

  7. karina Says:

    hey guy what up from quina! Okay i just want to answer your questions,um i am not Emily osment . This user i not Emily osment , so im sorry if you thought that Well,actually, keep soppoting Emily

    karina rivas

  8. issa Says:

    emily is so amazing
    she’s a great actress
    she’s been through lots of shows since she was small and now i think she has 2 upcoming movies

  9. ana Says:

    emily waz sooooo cute way cuter than miley ugly cyrus!!!!!!!!!!!
    forget miley it shoud ne called the emily osment show
    featuring emily osment!!!!!!

  10. Kimberly Griffin Says:

    you look cute

  11. Lily Says:

    hi u r so cute
    love you

  12. emily Says:

    you look so cute and do you rember my mom name jane on myspace and me emily noel tell mictioll
    i said hi love ya sis …

  13. emily Says:

    hey emily its janes darter emily wats u can u
    put a nice comect on mine my mom told me to never put your last name
    well arldy put it on there can you add me to
    your birthday were do you live so we can chat
    sometime well gtg:)

  14. emily Says:

    hey gyes its me emily and i am so sick 4:00 to eat and worek back up at 7:30 stil tiried 🙂 sleepy

  15. emily Says:

    i am having a party today

  16. Mandy Says:

    Hey Emily, I just wanted to say you are great!

  17. emily Says:

    hey gyes i fell better well how are you emily
    and mictial mousea and miley so do you wat to com over to stay the night wit me yes or no i live on
    star street up bye plasen hill thats the school i go
    to so see you heare .. mood .. 🙂 hyper

  18. emily Says:


  19. emily Says:


  20. emily Says:

    hey i am so huper and i cant wait until chrimas thank emily

  21. emily Says:

    mood sleepy 🙂

  22. emily Says:

    hey emily i loove this boy in my class and his name is bret wright and i dont know wat to say to him and he likes me back so wat do i do to make him thank i am cool

  23. emily Says:

    well bout to go to me step dads fun bye lol 🙂

  24. miu Says:

    hi emily osment i am miu i am your num 1 fan i love your songs

  25. Emily Says:

    Thanks For Leaving Those Nice Comments.

  26. jillian Says:

    hey you are pretty when you were a kid!And know
    well see ya

  27. jillian Says:

    hi you are a great actor

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