Emily Osment!!!!!!

i love emily osment…who doesn’t????

Emily Osment Quiz March 6, 2008

Okay folks, now that you know a WHOLE lot about Emily Osment, and so do I, I made up a quiz for everyone. Please take it and have fun!

1. What is Emily’s Middle Name?

a. Taylor



or d.Savannah

Click here for the right answer.

2. What is the name of Emily’s brother?

a.Billy Rashee

b. Neville Billy
c. Ashton Jared

d.Haley Joel

Once again, click here for the correct answer.

3. (Last Question) What is Emily’s favorite animal?

a.Palomino (horse)
b. dolphin

c.dwarf owl

d. Saint Bernard (dog)

Or you can keep looking down below

Keep looking

Keep going

Keep going


1. Jordan

2. Haley Joel

3. Dwarf Owl


12 Responses to “Emily Osment Quiz”

  1. that's kool Says:

    your awsome

  2. i love your music i’ve always wanted to meet you and miley all my life. i think you are so great!! i watch hannah montana becuase you and miley are great actors.i hope to meet you some day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. AKHIL Says:

    I am akhil from India.Emily is the most beautiful girl i ever seen.I wish she would read this comment and reply me.

  4. I wish Emily would reply to all of us one day. You’re right, she is the best person ever! Well, you know what, if she’s even reading this stuff, maybe she will reply. But you never know if people are faking or not. I hope people don’t fake themselves as being Emily or Miley. But hey, at least if she does read this, she’ll know we’re there for her.

  5. lisa Says:

    emily osment is sooooooo coooooolllll……!!!! and so is miley…!!!!

  6. nikitta Says:

    look emily i hv loved u from the 1st day i started watching hannah montana but do u know something u and mitchel musso would looks o great 2gether bye love ya!!!!!!1

  7. taylor Says:

    hi emily im taylor you are the best signer ever and if you can could you e-mail me please…………………………………………………………….

  8. narges Says:

    emily i love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much you are coool your the gretest person i ever seen

  9. dilpreet Says:

    my bad i meant miley cyrus about the picture srry

  10. Grimht@live.com Says:

    She is the beautifulest girl ever my girlfriend even agrees with me she say shes kinda preety to bad no one of us has a shot with her shes famous.

  11. Gemma Says:

    miley and emily both rock so do a quiz on both of them!!!

  12. kensi Says:

    hey emily send me somthin bac plezze ur the greateest love all ur songs buh-bye

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