Emily Osment!!!!!!

i love emily osment…who doesn’t????

Welcome to Emily Fan Site! May 13, 2008

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In this website we have no contact with Emily Osment what so ever, but feel free to join in the fun and visit our website! There are also games to play in the Osment Arcade!


17 Responses to “Welcome to Emily Fan Site!”

  1. lauren Says:

    i absaluly love u emily
    and i have a book on you and i study you are a legend

  2. angela Says:

    do u like joe jonas

  3. aurela Says:

    yuo ar beautiful girl emily

  4. mallory Says:

    you are so funny on hannah montana you sing reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ronesha Says:

    Emily i luv you on Hannah Montana i can’t wait until nov . 2 question how did you become famous. and if their are any auditions for Hannah Montana in fl or any were else can you email me pleaze.

  6. Himi Says:

    Emily you are so cool…..
    But not as Lola Lovaniggle……
    I love the song i don’t think about it…
    Do you have a boy friend

  7. Isabella Says:

    Emily you are so beatiful!
    I watch you every day on Hannah Montana.
    You are so nice.
    One day I will meet you. It’s my wish.

  8. andy Says:

    UR SO HOT EMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. jonas Says:

    sexy sexy sexy i love you

  10. norma Says:

    ciao sei bellisima emily

  11. Emily Says:

    Hi Emily Osment
    My name is Emily to

    Can I have your E-mail Address?
    From your biggest fan

  12. frankie Says:

    ay emily wats up i jst wana say u r hot n i wouldnt mind meetin u sum day well i g2g byee

  13. emily Says:

    hi emily osment i like you and miley cyrus and selena gomez im like you muvies hannah montana you very nice im like you Photoshoot i love you you so nice girl do you have new Photoshoot

  14. sportydiva Says:


  15. Rarna Says:

    Miley Cyrus is an amazing performer ! “You make me love you”

  16. kira Says:

    emily you are so great

  17. mike Says:

    my question is what is your favourt animal and why?
    what is your favourt movie?

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